williamholkko said: Hi! I'm starting an author/writing blog, but I'm not sure what tags I should use in order for my stuff to be seen. Do you have any suggestions?



Well, you could use “writing” or “fiction,” but your writing could get lost in the crowd. I recommend getting involved in the writing community on Tumblr and promoting yourself by being a consistent content creator and an excellent communicator.

I don’t mean that you should send messages to people’s inboxes telling them about your work. I mean that you should talk to fellow writers. Ask them about their writing. Comment on their work. Follow other writers’ blogs. If you show interest in your fellow writers, they will show interest in you. (In Tumblrspeak, that’s “Be a good follower, and your followers will be good to you.”)

Here are some more posts for you to read on this subject.

Thanks for your question and best of luck!


Hey guys! This reminds me that I just wrote in to the new Burning Muse (which was previously sort of the “keeper of the tags” in terms of tracking and reporting stories, many of which other #prose editors and I would then send to the #prose feed). They’re now called edgeandvoidlit and have already started reposting stories again. I asked them what tags they’re now tracking for stories but when I get home (ie off mobile) I’ll see what info they’ve got on their page.

We also had someone on here write in asking the same thing a couple of weeks ago and people had some answers in the comments. It’s probably tagged #spilled ink but I’ll try and find and repost when I get home too!

Great words of advice. I’m going to apply these to my beginning blogging. Happy writing!

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I always hesitate to post these pictures (I’m in my friggin underwear for Pete sake.. Nobody need to see dat) but if I can help someone, it’s worth it. The picture on the left was right before I started reverse dieting.. I was only eating about 1500-1600 cals.. I decided I really needed to up my cals to actually build some muscle. I get it, you’re scared to eat more but guess what? It’s sooo worth it. Middle was toward the end of my reverse diet, eating 2250 cals, and 280 g of carbs. I built some well needed muscle mass, some fat too don’t get me wrong, but it’s inevitable - just get over it and do it! Right was a few weeks ago after cutting cals a bit. Guess what? Left pic- 128 pounds.. Middle 138.. Right 136. HUGE difference in the scale, but my physique looks 10x better. If you are eating too little, and/or doing too much cardio, please look into reverse dieting. Get over your fear and just do it. What’s the worse thing that can happen? The number on the scale goes up? Who cares, the scale isn’t the best indicator of progress. Build your metabolism and THEN worry about “cutting” and losing fat. You r body needs food. Eat. Lift heavy. BE PATIENT. @if_it_fits_your_macros

Interesting and definitely worth reposting.

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Read The Yeah Write Review for FREE!

Hey guys! Did you know that about a year ago, we had a literary magazine for a few seasons? Each issue contains writing advice articles by English majors, published authors, MFA students, etc., as well as short stories, nonfiction pieces, poetry, and beautiful photography.

I had to put it on indefinite hiatus because it was too time consuming, but I’m still really proud of the 3 issues we created! The copies used to be paid but since it’s been a year I thought ah, what the hell, I’ll put them right on Yeah Write so people can read them for free :)

Go to yeahwriters.tumblr.com/ywreview and click on each issue to open up in a beautiful viewer (make sure you don’t just click the arrow that shows up because then it just displays really tiny in the page haha). And all of the links within the mag are live!

I hope you’ll check them out out!

You can never have too many writer’s resources.

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The Standard, East Village nestled in the Manhattan skyline. 

Too cute not to share. My old neighborhood in NYC. #pillowfight #eastvillage


The Standard, East Village nestled in the Manhattan skyline. 

Too cute not to share. My old neighborhood in NYC. #pillowfight #eastvillage

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So I’ve been journalling* for a couple of weeks. I felt like I needed to be writing, but I don’t have the creative energy to be creating plots and characters and the myriad other things that go into writing a story. Plus I’ve been having a lot of internal conflict lately that I felt might be helped by writing things out.

And it has! I’d sort of forgotten how nice it is when you feel confused about something, and then you write it out and figure out why you felt a certain way, why something happened, why you couldn’t solve a problem. It’s really working.

I also decided that it has no rules. Too often with these types of things, I feel like I need to define it. I see stuff on my Tumblr dash all of the time that I like or find compelling, but I don’t reblog it to my personal blog because that space has developed such an aesthetic that I won’t reblog things that don’t adhere to this style guide that I’ve made up for myself. I do that with handwritten journals too—I stress out about how I’m going to outline and position the dates, what size handwriting I’m gonna use, because I want the whole thing to be uniform.

So with this new journal doc thing, I’ve also started writing down little tidbits of “writing” that come into my head… ideas, phrases, ways of describing things… anything. No limits. Just my place to write shit.

I’ve been using a Google Drive doc which is cool, I just have it bookmarked on my computer, but I’m trying to figure how to get Pages for free because I can’t use Google Docs on my phone when I don’t have service (ie when I’m on the subway, which is essential!).

Maybe it’s crazy that I’ve never had a “place where I write random shit down” before, but I really like it and suggest it!

*I love that Chrome recognizes this as a word!

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This French Short Film “Oppressed Majority” by Éléonore Pourriat Shows Men What It’s Really Like To Be A Woman In A Sexist Society by Reversing Their Roles In An Alternate Reality.

I’m just a girl….

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How to make Nutmilk: Cute 2 minute short film by Sarah Britton, the wonderful brain behind My New Roots food blog. Homemade raw nut milk is a great milk alternative rich with vitamins, minerals and activated enzymes (nutritional quality obviously depends on which nuts you use) so delicious and no-one has to get pregnant for your milk

I need to start making this weekly. My New Roots is amazing!

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